EATG » Vieillir avec le VIH: Brussels-based organisations met to discuss about ageing with HIV

Vieillir avec le VIH: Brussels-based organisations met to discuss about ageing with HIV

This week the European AIDS Treatment Group participated in a meeting on “Ageing with HIV: What challenges? What ways forward?”, organised by two francophone organisations based in Brussels that work on HIV/AIDS -Plate-Forme Prévention Sida and Observatoire du Sida et des Sexualités. We presented some of the recommendations that resulted from the Ageing with HIV project, focusing on the 50+ group of PLHIV. In Belgium the median age of men living with HIV 47 year and 45 year old for women.


The meeting was attended by representatives from different community organisations, persons in charge of medical and nurse training, home care and care institutions for elderly persons and a representative of the Equality Body and doctor in geriatric.


The presentations and discussions highlighted the following ways forward:

  • Establishing better connections between AIDS reference centres and community organisations than is currently the case
  • The benefits of compulsory initial training addressing HIV, sexual life and collaborative approaches of nurses, doctors, paramedical professionals (started in some medical and nursing courses)
  • The responsibility of institutions to train staff and health professionals
  • Maintaining and scaling up efforts to update the knowledge of health professionals, including about U=U
  • Fostering and strengthening interactive network of the different stakeholders
  • E-learning platforms (e.g. UTOPIA e-platform that is being developed)
  • Survey on needs of PLHIV via the collaboration of several organisations (on going)
  • Informing about the HIV Drugs Interactions website: availability in different languages?
  • Training modules should be co-created
  • Addressing sexual life
  • Addressing the challenges presented by the age differences in care/retirement institutions residents. Some people are entering care institutions at much younger than the general public of the homes and so there is a mismatch
  • Increasing knowledge on anti-discrimination legislation (the Belgian legal framework covers discrimination on the basis of health status) and recourses


Download EATG’s presentation here (in french)

Download the Programme of the meeting here (in french)


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