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HIV Outcomes - Beyond Viral Suppression

Initiative aims:  HIV Outcomes, is a multi-stakeholder initiative developing and communicating expert, evidence based consensus recommendations for policy makers focused on the provision and delivery of high quality of care for people living with HIV (PLHIV). It seeks to include in the policy agenda, 1) health outcomes – effective prevention and treatment of co-morbidities; good mental and emotional well-being; and life expectancy comparable to the general population; 2) social outcomes –the absence of discrimination and reduction of stigma; securing employment; particularly among communities at high risk and with a high burden of HIV. The initiative is led by a core team of a researcher, civil society, physician. It gathers input from several actors including civil society, researchers, health professionals, public health institutions and industry.

Coordination: Foresight International Policy and Regulatory Advisers (FIPRA)

Duration:  2017-2018

Main funding source: Gilead Sciences, ViiV Healthcare

EATG contact person(s): Nikos Dedes and Jacqueline Morton (EATG membership), Ann Isabelle von Lingen, (office)